The royal blue is one of the most special shades of color that is commonly used in daily life, interior design, and fashion design. The royal blue color is my favorite hue among the shade of blues. In this article, I would love to introduce you to the royal blue background, the meaning of royal blue hue, royal blue color code, and its application to fashion and graphic design. 

Royal blue
Royal blue

Royal Blue graphic design

Royal blue hex code is #4169e1

In an RGB shade space (made from three colored lights for red, green, and blue), royal blue hex code be made of 25.5% red, 41.2% green, and 88.2% blue. 

In a CMYK hue space (also known as process color, or four colors, and used for color printing), hex #4169e1 is made of 71% cyan, 53% magenta, 0% yellow with 12% black. 

Royal Blue RGB color model has a hue angle of 225 degrees, some saturation of 72.7%, and a lightness of 56.9%.

Color conversion

The royal blue color code has RGB values of R: 25.5, G: 41.2, B: 88.2, besides, CMYK values of C: 0.71, M: 0.53, Y: 0, K:0.12.

Royal Blue background

Royal blue color schemes already struggled to solidify the identity. Many people see no difference between imperial blue, navy blue, and royal blue shades of color, but they’re all so wonderfully special. The latter is considered a lighter shade of navy blue and has red, also purple elements to it. Royal blue color has been around for two centuries and continues to impress audiences with their striking essence and rich undertones. We can thank the United Kingdom for popularizing this hue.

England’s Influence

If not because of England, royal blue colors wouldn’t be the beloved color that it’s nowadays. Queen Charlotte, in particular, is credited with giving this hue the recognition of its position. She was so fond of royal blue light that she had this color many incorporated into her wardrobe. It’s for this reason why royal blue color has royal associations. Many took note of Queen Charlotte’s enthusiasm, which led to royal blue’s widespread appeal. The color is even featured on the United Kingdom’s flag.

Experience Many Transformations

Royal blue background is no stranger to change. It’s undergone several alterations over the centuries. From darker shades to lighter renditions, the royal blue shade of color has owned somewhat of an identity crisis. Fortunately, the royal blue hue has remained similar for decades. The final version of the art royal blue image has been the most favorite by far.

The meaning of Royal Blue

Incredibly Formal

Given its ties to prestigious figures, it’s no strange royal blue color schemes are so formal. It has excellent etiquette and follows every law to a T. You won’t ever catch a royal blue image acting uncouth. In reality, it has little tolerance for childish behaviors. If you’re acting uncivilized in the existence of royal blue, prepare to be judged. To some, royal blue might come across as uptight and overbearing. However, this color merely has a name to uphold.


You can confide in the color blue. It’ll never betray your trust. This is royal blue’s way of building strong connections. People have the intention to feel safe when surrounded by royal blue. There’s no secret that the royal blue won’t keep. In case you need to get something off your chest, get to royal blue.

A Color You Can Count On

For those who want a shoulder to lean on, look no further than royal blue. This uplifting color will always make time for you. Royal blue seeks to treat people the way it would like to be treated, which is why it comforts everyone with kind and encouraging words. You can depend on royal blue during thick and thin. No matter the hardship that you’re going through, royal blue would help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.


When stress arises, royal blue serves as a positive presence. It adds some air of tranquility anywhere it goes. To fresh up an environment, add royal blue to the color scheme. There’s something exceptionally tranquil about this strong meaning. Color psychology maintains that royal blue is so calming because it reminds us of the ocean. Surround yourself with royal blue if you’re looking for quietness and rest.

Linked to Depression

Though people don’t say that they have the royal blues, any shade of blue is associated with sadness. With that mentioned, people who are prone to anxiety and depression should be careful around that color. Royal blue hates that it has this impact on people, but that can’t help it. To fight this horrible quality, royal blue tries its best for furnishing people with positivity, also peace of mind.


Being around royal blue could sometimes feel like you’re receiving a warm hug. This empathetic shade goes to great lengths to understand people and their struggles. It’s far away selfish and never has an ulterior motive. This makes it simple for one to be vulnerable in front of royal blue. Whether you’re looking for one safe space or some validation, royal blue will never disappoint.


Royal blue follows the notion that there are a time and a place to show your feelings. When in professional settings, royal blue urges individuals to remain focusing. In some cases, royal blue may turn off its emotions for the benefit of leading by example. This isn’t always the healthiest approach to life, however, royal blue is a strong proponent of this belief.

Summary: Royal Blue Hue Meaning

Best known for its dignified status, royal blue is inherently superb. That’s also reassuring, accepting, and kindhearted. These attributes make royal blue a fan popular. In the same breath, royal blue can be domineering and edgy. With that color, you get the good with the bad.

  • Royal blue symbolizes: royalty, tranquility, dependability, empathy
  • Effects of royal blue: soothes, saddens, invigorates, reassures
  • Positive traits: selfless, reliable, calming, caring
  • Negative traits: tense, pompous, depressing, controlling
  • How to use that royal blue

Royal blue is a versatile color. It is commonly used for company logos, thanks to blue’s associations with trust and reliability.

This vivid color can be used as an accent color in a more subdued color scheme. Maybe, if you’re looking for something more dramatic, pair it with other bright colors, such as lime green and orange.

In clothing, royal blue can be used for one tasteful pop of color and tends to suit all skin tones. For interior design, royal blue’s intensity can be balanced with neutral tones of champagne or ivory.

What colors go with Royal Blue?

Royal blue is a unique, versatile color. Because of its bright hue, it can create too much intensity if paired with certain shades of red. Royal blue pairs nicely with orange that is its complementary color on the color wheel. The colors that match well with royal blue include:

  • Gray
  • Hot pink
  • Yellow
  • Off-white or ivory
  • Green
  • Gold
  • Similar colors to royal blue

Looking for a different hue? The colors below are related to the royal blue CMYK color model.

  • Blue-grey
  • Navy blue
  • Dark blue
  • Misty blue

What to wear with royal blue colors?

Do you even have one piece of royal blue color clothing in your closet? I doubt many of us do. It’s just one of those colors that’s hard to mix and match. If you’re one of these people, then it’s your lucky day, because here are 7 interesting ideas on how to match and style the royal blue pants, dresses, and even jumpsuits, that you should definitely copy the next opportunity you get.

Glamour it up in one jumpsuit + heels

What’s more fabulous than a royal blue jumpsuit? Not many! This look will make you look elegant, feminine, but strong and gorgeous all at the same time. Pair the jumpsuit with silver heels and look, you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome outfit. Wear it to an event, to the club, to a nice dinner – you’ll stand out anywhere you come. 

Royal blue jumpsuit
Royal blue jumpsuit

Wear it with a white top

White comes very well with the royal blue shades of color. Well, what color does white no match anyway? Be safe with your choice and pair some royal blue trousers or skirt with a white top and nothing can go wrong. A lace white frilled top with royal blue wide pants is a look to try the best deal here!

Lace white frilled top with royal blue wide pants
Lace white frilled top with royal blue wide pants

Pair it with something yellow

Yes, pair royal blue hue to something yellow. The colors match perfectly because they’re complimentary shades on its color wheel. This choice of colors will make you look very stylish and we’ll be the fashionista of your group. A royal blue dress with yellow footwear is a perfectly stylish outfit that you can try the next time we go out. 

Royal blue dress with yellow footwear
Royal blue dress with yellow footwear

Match it with sneakers

Do you want an elegant but sporty and new look? Then try pairing a satin or silk royal blue dress with sneakers! That may seem weird at first, but it’s really not. It’s fancy, nice, and vogue. People might think you’re a celebrity if you can pull off that look.

Silk royal blue dress with sneakers
Silk royal blue dress with sneakers

Put some pink

Pink is also a great color to match with a royal blue hue. Wow, how cute is this? Wear a royal blue dress with pink shoes and hold a pink clutch bag or even vice versa. Wear a pink skirt and add some royal blue accessories – next thing you know, people would be coming to you for fashion advice left and right!

Royal blue dress with pink shoes and pink clutch bag
Royal blue dress with pink shoes and pink clutch bag

A pop of royal blue clothing

An idea of color is a cute outfit idea. You just need a monotone outfit, however, add just one item with a bright color. Here, you can put the royal blue outfit as the pop of color! Wear a black dress, or some monotone outfit (black shirt, black pants, etc) and then hold one blue bag while wearing blue shoes! This outfit will make you look very fashionable and modern.

Royal blue outfit
Royal blue outfit

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