Powdery pastel purple is popping up everywhere this season in shades of lilac and lavender. In this article, I love to introduce you to lilac meaning, lilac symbolism, colors that go with lilac, and what to wear with lilac. 

The color lilac is known as one of the shades of violet, which is made by the combination of the latter with the color white. Violet, successively, can be obtained by the combination of a cold color in this instance blue and a warm color, red in this case. Both hues – violet and lilac -are associated with different meanings.

Lilac color
Lilac color

Lilac Color Meaning – The Color Lilac Symbolizes Helpfulness and Serenity – Human nature

Lovely Lilac

A stunning change of the color purple, lilac is a paler rendition of this beloved tint and has a pink tint to it. Named after the gorgeous flower, lilac color is often associated with nature and flora. First used in the 18th century, the color lilac has incredibly deep roots. Over the centuries, this charming hue has attracted audiences while establishing itself as a unique color. Quirky, free-spirited, and upbeat, so much to love about lilac.

A Caring Color

Lilac cares a great deal of others. If it hurts someone’s feelings, it has a hard time letting off itself. Lilac’s emotion is highly sensitive, so you may want to tread lightly once interacting with it. This hue doesn’t shy away from emotions, and it doesn’t make any apology for making itself vulnerable. If you need a good cry, you & lilac can commiserate with one another.

An Enthusiastic Helper

No matter the task at hand, lilac is happy to assist. It enjoys getting involved and wants to make life easier for everyone. The great thing about lilac is that we don’t have to ask for its help. It’s always accessible. When it does participate, you won’t ever hear it complaining. Instead, lilac always makes the entire experience pleasant by remaining optimistic and lively.


Being interacted with lilac means being in the presence of a friendly, kind, and alluring hue. Whether you have an unusual personality or find it hard to strike up a friendship, lilac will be there for you. You’ll always feel accepted and cherished when lilac is near. Some people regard lilac’s friendliness as disingenuous, but we can rest assured that it’s sincere. In essence, you’ve got a friend who is lilac.

Somewhat Immature

The pink undertones in lilac give it a childlike vibe. While these traits are lovable, they’re also linked to immaturity. Lilac is merely partial to preserve its innocence. Unfortunately, this has led many to believe that the color refuses to grow up. Lilac rises to the occasion when it has to, however, it often chooses to be naive.


Feeling misunderstood is something which lilac is all too familiar with. It knows how unpleasant it is being shunned by peers. It’s for this reason why lilac upholds empathy in everything that it does. Lilac takes on people’s problems in the hopes of decreasing their hurt. While there may not be much logic there, lilac will ever go above and beyond to eliminate emotional pain.


Though it’s hard to maintain in the present moment, lilac does so effortlessly. It grasps the significance of living in the here and now. This healthy approach to life is the reason why lilac is so happy all the time. It doesn’t concern itself of what could be. Rather than daydream all day long, lilac soaks up its present surroundings.


According to lilac, anger and rage don’t serve any purpose. Those feelings are unproductive and can lead to serious destruction. Fortunately, surrounding ourselves with lilac can lighten your mood. In the presence of lilac, you’ll definitely feel more calm and relaxed. Lilac wants everyone to live peacefully, that is the reason why it offers an outpouring of tranquility.

Lilac symbolizes: compassion, kindness, helpfulness, serenity

Effects of lilac: soothes, inspires, unwinds, uplifts

Positive traits: optimistic, fearless, helpful, empathetic

Negative traits: fragile, infantile, inexperienced, unforeseeable

Characteristics of the Color Lilac – Tints and shades

The lilac color was named after the botanical species syringa vulgaris, which contains flowers whose distinctive feature is the color itself. In the same way, that color lilac can be achieved by the combination of the color violet and the color white, which is why it is considered one of the most beautiful types of violets that can be found.

Psychology of the Color Lilac

In psychology, color is closely related to emotions and moods. This is because, after comprehending the chromatic ranges through the optical nerve, the rest of our system activates particular emotions linked to our personal and socio-cultural experiences.

For example, for the psychology of color, cold colors, such as blue, are par excellence those that project peacefulness, while warm colors, such as red, are those that generate sensations like excitement. In the same way, as Eva Heller proposed in 2004, each color could have a different meaning depending on how it is mixed with other different colors.

Under this definition, the same author proposes that the color lilac is linked in Western culture with an ambiguous image about cosmetics, vanity as well as the maturity that women can have. In other shades, the color lilac could be related to the frivolous and at the same time to the extraordinary of something in particular.

In the same way, being in one of the darkest tones of violet, the psychological concepts of the color lilac has been associated with tranquility, geniality, warmth, moderation, and little impact. This color is not usually associated with pessimistic behaviors or feelings, on the contrary, it is associated with sensitivity, empathy, courtesy, balance, and maturity of people. Everything mentioned above has served to use colors properly according to the sensations and emotions they want to provoke.

What color goes with lilac?

Lilac is a gentle, versatile color. For a lively palette, you could contrast it with colors like orange, yellow, olive green, or gray. But it also looks great with analogous shades of purple, or with a soft pink. Lilac’s delicate appearance means it works wonderfully in the case you want to convey a sense of femininity or calm. 

The colors which pair well with lilac include:

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Olive green
  • Gray
  • White
  • Rose quartz

Number or Code of the Lilac Color

  • HTML code: #B695C0
  • RGB Code: (r, g, b) (182, 149, 192)
  • CMYK code: (c, m, y, k) (5, 22, 0, 25)
  • HSV Code: (h, s, v) (286°, 22%, 75%)

What to wear with lilac color? – Fashion and Femininity

Lilac hues are everywhere this year and the lilac outfits trend is being on fire. With lilac being a pretty flattering and feminine color, certainly, the popularity of lilac outfits and clothing items has got to an all-time high, so much so, that you would often see an out-of-stock sign for most of the items.

Let’s start with our top tips wearing lilac!

 1. Playful Workwear

Want to bring some cheerful light to your workwear? Try pairing a lilac blazer with a cream outfit inside. 

lilac blazer with a cream outfit
Lilac blazer with a cream outfit

2. Pleated Midi Dress

If you want a whimsical frock, here you have it. This pleated midi dress is beautiful and dreamy and makes for a great wedding outfit or another semi-formal occasion. Pair with black high heels and keep out accessories understated. This is one look you don’t want to miss a chance!

Lilac pleated midi dress
Lilac pleated midi dress

3. Dressing Up for Autumn

A lace frill skater dress plus cold shoulders are not only super feminine and youthful but will also be wonderful for twirling around in autumn.

Lilac lace frill skater dress
Lilac lace frill skater dress

4. Shift Dress for Summer

Throw on a simple lilac shift mini dress for a trendy look. Match it up with nude or taupe shoes.

Lilac shift mini dress
Lilac shift mini dress

5. Getting Comfy in Winter

Keeping warm and comfy in winter with a pastel lilac sweater and thigh-high boots is a wise choice. This is a simple but stylish look you’ll love wearing again.

Pastel lilac sweater and thigh-high boots
Pastel lilac sweater and thigh-high boots

6. How to Style Lilac Coat

A lilac pearl-embellished coat can be styled with many pieces. Wear it with this soft velvet midi dress and blush or nude high heels for an ultra-stylish look. You’ll stay nice and warm as well, therefore bringing a great winter ensemble.

Lilac pearl-embellished coat with velvet midi dress
Lilac pearl-embellished coat with velvet midi dress

7. Funky Matching Outfit

Show your funky version with this pretty lilac two-piece ensemble! This fun little outfit is so adorable for fashion events, trips to the museum, brunches with your girlfriends, or even dressy events where you want to push the envelope without overdoing formal clothes. Pair with black pumps and don’t even worry about accessories: a fun outfit is all the accessories you need!

funky lilac matching outfit
funky lilac matching outfit