Fashion design is always the top concern of all fashion lovers, especially women. Choosing the right colors to make a stunning outfit requires the ladies to know how to mix and match color properly. Therefore, we have rounded up a list of the most beautiful trending colors in 2021 for the female so that they can choose to mix and match clothes. What are you waiting for, upgrade your style w ith the following 2021 best color inspiration ideas

Royal Blue – The Color Of Elegance

Royal blue – the color of elegance and formality – has always been the top favorite color in the fashion industry. Style up and get some royal blue clothing items to create the best look ever. The following article “Royal Blue – The Color Of Elegance” will show you the meaning of royal blue and its fashion application. So what are you waiting for? Go through the article and see the best royal blue mix and match ideas. 

Royal blue - one of the best color inspiration ideas in 2021
Royal blue – one of the best color inspiration ideas in 2021

Indigo Color – The Color Of Wisdom

Indigo color – a shade darker than royal blue – is a wise choice for those who are fond of mature and elegant styles. With a slightly deep blue color, indigo color can easily be combined with other colors such as yellow, orange, green, or other types of fabric such as denim, khaki, etc. If you want to get more information about the meaning of color indigo and how to mix and match outfits with indigo, go through our article “Indigo color – The color of wisdom.”

indigo color
indigo color

Puce color – The Color Of Desire

If you want to have a feminine and delicate look, yet strong and sexy at the same time, then puce color is a great choice for you. Puce color will be perfect to mix with pastel pink, white, and blue. If you are running out of ideas to mix and match with puce color, don’t worry, the article below “Puce color – The Color Of Desire” will give you some ideal suggestions in applying puce color to fashion. 

puce color
puce color

Lilac Color – The Color Of Serenity

Lilac color – a color that presents lightness and serenity – is still one of the popular color trends this year. You might still remember the lilac color outfit of famous singer Jenny – Blackpink at the New York Fashion Week event 2 years ago. She looked so cute and feminal in that outfit, didn’t she? That is the reason why lilac color has become popular in fashion in recent years. If you want some suggestions of lilac color mix and match and learn more about the meaning of this very special color, take a look at our article “lilac color – The color of serenity.”

lilac color
lilac color

Teal color – the color of conscientiousness

Teal color is a unique and lively color in the 2021 color trend collection. When you mix and match with teal color, you’re gonna own a very unique, trendy, and dynamic look. If you want to get more ideas of teal outfits, this article “Teal color – the color of conscientiousness” is a great choice for you. 

Teal color
Teal color

Chartreuse Color – the color of energy

If you want to have a day full of energy and enthusiasm, chartreuse color is a good color inspiration idea. Chartreuse colors can increase physical strength with mental/social energy and enthusiasm. It can motivate us to go outside and love nature and wildlife. Chartreuse color can also increase positive thinking and optimism. Therefore, the combination of clothes and chartreuse color will be great. The following article – Chartreuse Color – the color of energy will give you a better understanding of the meaning of chartreuse color and how to coordinate outfits with this special color.

chartreuse color
chartreuse color

Tips for choosing the perfect color for your outfits

When choosing clothes, the choice of color is very important since it shows your personality and fashion taste. Furthermore, choosing the right colors can create a better look and highlight your skin tone. Therefore, here are some tips for choosing the perfect color that you may want to follow.

Base on your skin tone

Dark skin

For those who have dark skin, choosing contrasting colors is always a top priority, as these colors contribute to highlighting your attractive brown skin tone. Here are some color inspiration ideas for you to create the best outfits this 2021 – olive green, cream, blue, light yellow, red, and magenta. 

Medium skin

People who have a medium skin tone should stay away from brown and oranges because those colors are just kind of the same shade of their skin. Therefore, the colors that match their skin the most should be metallic, gray, neon, royal blue, indigo, deep pink, and bright pink.

Light skin and Fair Skin 

It is always easy for those who have light and fair skin to match colors to their skins. Almost every type of color can be perfect for them and here we have some color inspiration ideas that you might love – navy, baby blue, camel, seafoam, blush, lavender, lilac, red, purple, gold, 

Base on your favorite color palette

Here are 5 basic types of color palettes for you to choose from. 

Monochromatic Color Scheme: focus on a single color, often using variations of the hue by incorporating tints, tones, and shades.

Complementary Color Scheme: focus on opposite sides of the color wheel; one color is usually the main color and the other a secondary color. The main complementary colors are usually blue and orange, red and green, and yellow and purple.

Analogous Color Scheme: Analogous colors consist of a group of three colors that border each other in the color wheel. This color scheme starts off with a base color and is extended with two neighboring hues.

Neutral Color Scheme: typically include achromatic hues (white, grey, and black) along with near neutrals (beige, brown, tan, or other dark hues).

Triadic Color Scheme: A triad consists of three hues that are placed equidistant from each other on the color wheel Triadic color schemes can include three primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Common triadic palettes consist of blue, red, and yellow or lilac, green, and orange. 

Above is the list of 2921 that just made for you. We hope that you are gonna have the best outfits driven by our suggestions.